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Dress Up Games

Dire Wolf Maker

March 17th, 2016Posted by Snowbristle


Dire Wolf Maker by Snowbristle is my latest interactive game. What is special about this is I made it using HTML5 even the save button works. If you have wondered why I have been quite lately this is the reason. It has taken me a while to learn how to make HTML5 games. Hopefully I should make some more advanced project soon using HTML5. This should also work on mobile phones So have fun and play Dire Wolf Maker. Click here to play game:

dirre wolf maker snowbristle

Dress Up Games

Anthro Chibi Style Dress Up Game

January 19th, 2016Posted by Snowbristle


Experimenting with different drawing styles. This is a Chibi drawing style dress uo game. Click here to play game:

anthro chibi dress up

Dating game

Romantic dating game

November 13th, 2015Posted by Snowbristle


2 months in the making this game is finally here. A dating game where you try to pick a character to date. I spent more time than I care to admit creating a dialog with some sarcastic comments. This game features characters drawn with an anthro feline and wolf style. So heres chapter 1 click here to play it:

dating game anthro feline wolf genre: simulation

More News

2015Posted by Snowbristle


Information about other games that were released:

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