A new dress up game called Snowbristle portrait maker is now released. Choose from various background types, head shapes and much more.  Make a 150 by 150 pixel anime face with this face maker type of tool. Use the color picker to customize the hair color and much more. Here is a preview image:

portrait maker face make

snowbristle portrait maker

Direct Link to play:


Snowbristle wolf generator is now ready. Choose from multiple background options and wolf decoration styles. Much care has been taken to have this dress up game as detailed as possible. The windmill on one of the backgrounds is animated. Use the provided paint tools to customize the wolf to your liking. Here is a preview image:

snowbristle wolf maker

snowbristle wolf generator

Direct Link to play:


I have added some extra clothing options and other extras as an update to Furry Wolf Maker. There are also some optional facial marking to choose from. I hope you enjoy the new updates to this anthro wolf. Here is a preview image that also shows of the new background:

wolf anthro

wolf anthro art update

Direct Link to play: