New Flower Style Dress up is uploaded. This is a work is progress so I intend to add even more to this huge dress up design application. There are many character customisation options available. You can select from a variety of eyebrows, eyes and mouth types, you can even select the face shape. You can change the skin tone too and choose from many hair styles and dress options. Some of the clothes and hairstyles are customisable this means you can change the colors in the cloth creation menu. If you want to customise further you can use the paint tools to paint patterns on the clothing to come up with your own unique design. Here is a screenshot.

Flower style dress up

Flower style dress up

Just follow this link if you wish to play: http://www.snowbristle.com/flower_style_dress_up.html

I have spent a long time designing this application. I designed the eyes to have a sort of anime look to them. One more thing I thought I should mention when you are coloring a clothing design in the cloth creation menu you can enter a hex value in the text box then press ok to use it. I know most people will not use it but I decided to include such an option anyway for those people who might think the available color pallet is not enough. Look forward to more updates in the future.


I have started another fingernail decorate dress up application. You will be able to pick a base color and then the overlaying pattern this should allow for a variety nail styles to be created. here is a preview image of my progress.

Fingernail decoration styles

Fingernail decoration example

This will be the second dress up game that deal with fingernail styles. Here is a link to the previous one I made http://www.snowbristle.com/decorate_hands_and_nails.html Look forward to more future updates.


I have been drawing vector art and have been experimenting with programming a paint fill tool. While the concept is simple the applications of this tool towards designing a custom character is neat. Here is a preview image of what I have been designing.

Dress up games color selection tool

Dress up games color selection tool

Thanks for reading. This dress up game will allow for many design options. Look forward to more updates soon.


My latest male dress up game is released. I am happy how this game turned out. Choose from a number of clothing styles and accessories. See the below preview image to see what this dress up game looks like.

Male dress up game preview

Male dress up game preview

To play this game now on my website go here: http://www.snowbristle.com/male_dress_up.html This game is in 800×600 resolution. I wish I could use a higher resolution, but doing so could possibly ruin the experience for some people who use smaller low resolution screens.

Onto a different topic, I came across an interesting realization. That the upcoming html5 standard could be used to make advanced dress up games. Imagine someone wants to make an extra pair of shoes for a game they simply paint a new pair in an image editor save the image then they could in theory drag and drop that pair of shoes into the dress up game. This is the sort of thing the upcoming html5 standard could possibly achieve. The html5 standard is still not finalised though, But you can already find some interesting examples of html5 with a search engine.


I have been very busy drawing my latest dress up game and now have a nice preview image of the characters. Maybe you saw the previous post and thought these shirt colors look bland. But when you see the whole outfit then it looks impressive. I am going for a certain style of character in my creations. I am quite impressed by how these characters turned out. See below image for preview.

Male dress up game characters preview

Male dress up game characters preview

I am close to finished with this game but I am still adding some accessories and deciding what should go in, I have been experimenting with drawing bags. This brings an interesting thought, as I recall a some jokes have been made over the years about man bags. Look forward to more updates soon.