New Flower Style Dress up is uploaded. This is a work is progress so I intend to add even more to this huge dress up design application. There are many character customisation options available. You can select from a variety of eyebrows, eyes and mouth types, you can even select the face shape. You can change the skin tone too and choose from many hair styles and dress options. Some of the clothes and hairstyles are customisable this means you can change the colors in the cloth creation menu. If you want to customise further you can use the paint tools to paint patterns on the clothing to come up with your own unique design. Here is a screenshot.

Flower style dress up

Flower style dress up

Just follow this link if you wish to play: http://www.snowbristle.com/flower_style_dress_up.html

I have spent a long time designing this application. I designed the eyes to have a sort of anime look to them. One more thing I thought I should mention when you are coloring a clothing design in the cloth creation menu you can enter a hex value in the text box then press ok to use it. I know most people will not use it but I decided to include such an option anyway for those people who might think the available color pallet is not enough. Look forward to more updates in the future.


I have completed my latest dress up game. This is a very unique dress up game as it contains edit dots. Now these edit dots can be moved with the mouse. The edit points are available in the custom tail type. This enables you to create a tail only where almost the only limit is your imagination. The stripes also have edit dots that are moveable. Below is a screenshot of Anthro 2 dress up game.

Anthro 2 dress up

Anthro 2 dress up game

You can play this game at the following link http://www.snowbristle.com/anthro_2_dress_up.html I enjoy making dress up games where I get to try out unique and pioneering concepts. Any feedback in comments is appreciated.