Wolf Fursona Dress Up

Recently I have began to make some attempts at making my dress up games using html5. Although my skills at making html5 games are not as advanced as some other languages I still think it came out ok. Here is a preview image of a simple Wolf Fursona dress up game:

wolf fursona

wolf fursona dress up game.

Direct link to go and play this dress up game: http://www.snowbristle.com/wolf_fursona_dress_up.html


I have updated this Anthro Wolf maker with new clothing styles, hats and backgrounds. I suppose this maker will help give many ideas on how to create a fursona. You can generate a great variety of wolf fursona style images with this maker. Here is one example image:

A wolf fursona

A wolf fursona character I made.

Direct Link to play: http://www.snowbristle.com/anthro_wolf_maker.html