Dire Wolf Maker

Dire Wolf Maker dress up game is now ready. I have been quite for a while learning how to make interactive content with HTML5. Use the buttons to scroll through the various dire wolf color, item and background options.

Here is a preview image:

dire wolf drawing

A more muscular dire wolf

Direct link to dire wolf game: http://www.snowbristle.com/dire_wolf_maker.html



Janelle dating game is ready

Janelle dating game chapter 1. This is a romantic dating game in the simulation genre of games. The file size may take around 10 seconds to load but it is well worth it.
In this game you are looking for a date this game features funny dialogue. The graphics quality is good as well. This took like 2 months to make features an anthro feline, wolf character and more. here is a preview image.

feline wolf anthro dating game

In the simulation game genre. A dating game.

Link to play this game: http://www.snowbristle.com/janelle_dating_game_chapter1.html

Preview scene of a new anthro game

I have been making another dating game that contains anthro characters. A feline anthro character and wolf anthro character are shown in this preview scene at a beach. The completion time I do not know yet. The complted game will be in swf format. Here is a preview image:

Dating game.

dating game preview scene.

Link to scene: www.snowbristle.com/janelle_dressup_game_preview.html

Wolf Fursona Dress Up

Recently I have began to make some attempts at making my dress up games using html5. Although my skills at making html5 games are not as advanced as some other languages I still think it came out ok. Here is a preview image of a simple Wolf Fursona dress up game:

wolf fursona

wolf fursona dress up game.

Direct link to go and play this dress up game: http://www.snowbristle.com/wolf_fursona_dress_up.html


Anthro Dating Game Version 2 has some new additions and scenes compared to the old version. Graphics have been improved and polished. The point of this game is you are an anthro wolf and you have to improve your stats to try make yourself more attractive. You can pick various locations around the map to visit here is a preview image:

anthro wolf fursona dating game

anthro dating game v2

Go here to play Anthro Dating Game V2: http://www.snowbristle.com/anthro_dating_game_v2.html


Furry wolf maker deluxe is now finished. This dress up game features a variety of clothing styles that you can mix to create a custom look. You can also recolor the clothing. There is also a variety of textures you can also add to make the clothing look even more detailed. Features a variety of backgrounds to choose from. Below is a preview image that shows how much you can customise the wolf. Notice how detailed the belt is. It really took lots of time to create this furry wolf dress up game.

furry wolf maker deluxe

create a furry wolf with this dress up game.

You can play this furry wolf deluxe maker here: http://www.snowbristle.com/furry_wolf_maker_deluxe.html



This furry maker game contains a variety of victorian era type clothing to choose from. You can also recolor the clothing and decorate them with the available drag and drop jewels. Create a custom fursona, Also contains multiple backgrounds to choose from. Here is a preview image of my new furry maker thylacine game:

furry maker fursona doll

furry maker thylacine doll

Here is a link to a playable version of furry maker thylacine: http://www.snowbristle.com/furry_maker.html



Here is a new image from the progress I have made in my latest mermaid doll maker dress up game. This dress up game features several hair layers you can choose from to create a custom hairstyle. I am now in the final stages most of the remaining art that needs to be made is background art. Here is a preview image:

mermaid doll

mermaid doll dress up game.

You will find the game here: http://www.snowbristle.com/games.html


Here is a preview image of  a mermaid maker dressup game I have been designing. It will have an ocean type of theme to it. This beautiful mermaid will have a variety of custom tails, jewels and various recolor options. Here is a preview image:

dressup a beautiful mermaid game

dressup a beautiful mermaid game

Once completed you will find it in my games list here: http://www.snowbristle.com/games.html



I have made some updates to this Witch Fursona Wolf Maker. The ability to add textures to the dress so this maker has more variety. I have also added an extra background to this free wolf game along with a small selection of wands to choose from. And last of all a new tail option.  Here is a preview image:

free wolf doll maker game

furry witch anthro wolf doll

Direct link to play this updated maker: http://www.snowbristle.com/witch_fursona_wolf_maker.html